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YEAR:                 2013
MODEL:             CMS-T333C

STOCK:              20212239

PRICE:               SOLD

 American Signal Co. Solar Message  Board Model CMS-T333C, Led Display, Trailer Mounted,  Single Axle Trailer, Pintle Hitch Ring, Extends Up to 7 Feet, Wind Load: 80 mph, Full Matrix LED Display,  One Owner Purchased New and Fleet Maintained by X-Govt Municipality. Weight: 2999


The CMS-T333 from American Signal Company represents the latest advances in ALL-LED sign and highway safety technology. This ALL-LED, Full Matrix, Graphics capable display, utilizing 30 degree ITE Amber LEDs, combines American Signal Company’s SOLR™ Primary Power System with our high quality trailer to give you the lowest cost and most effective portable/changeable message sign available today. With the CMS-T333, users have the ability to furnish timely and pertinent traffic information to motorists via text and/or graphic display providing traffic control, incident management, and congestion mitigation that is unmatched by any other information system. American Signal Company’s innovative Dynapoint™ Optical Technology, in combination with ultra-bright, wideangle 30 degree amber LEDs provide enhanced visibility and legibility in both daylight and nighttime


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